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Introduction to commercial baking in Kenya

Bakewave Ltd offers commercial baking equipment in Kenya with FREE expert advice to new and existing  bakers on the right oven capacity ,mixer type, to purchase depending on quantity of the product they want to produce and type of bakery setup.

After-sale services on baking machines

We also offer free advice on layout , free installation and bakery launch including providing our technical teams and master baker during bakery launch day if you buy any of our complete bakery packages.

This has enabled Bakewave to establish more than 600 bakery projects in Kenya (on behalf of our clients)from small units to very large units across all the 47 counties .This includes Mombasa, Machakos, Taveta, West Pokot, Siaya, Kericho, Uasin Gishu, Kiambu, Nyeri, Laikipia, Meru, Nakuru, Kisii, Homabay, Kisumu, Kilifi, Nandi, Nyandarua Counties. We’ve also successfully done installations in Kampala Uganda, Mwanza, Tanzania and we look forward to do more installations across the region.

Our partners

On the Baking line we have partnered with one of the leading companies in Turkey, Porlanmaz, being the sole distributor in East & Central Africa. This offers mostly heavy commercial ovens for sale in Kenya with production capacity from 2500 to 100,000 loaves and above for bread baking oven, cakes, cookies, and pastries. These are mainly diesel powered rotary ovens. For baking oven for cakes, this is above 1000 packets per day. We offer 2 years warranty. For each of these ovens we are offering matching sizes for dough mixers, cake mixers, automatic conveyor belt slicer, prover and all baking tools and accessories such as molding tables, cooling racks, baking tins, commercial sinks with worktop and baking trays.

In response to to clients from all over Kenya to offer also smaller scale baking equipment across East Africa, Bakewave has partnered with one of the top highest quality bakery equipment manufacturers in Guangzhou, China. This offers high quality deck oven series with low consumption and high insulation. Whether you are looking for the best one deck oven price, 2 deck oven price or 3 deck oven price Bakewave is your one-stop shop. Click here to read (commercial baking ovens in Kenya blog)

Recent Innovations in Deck ovens in Kenya.

Bakewave has recently introduced Deck ovens with stone base allowing you to bake high quality tasty bread and cakes as compared to ordinary deck ovens. Stone baking adds  flavour to your bread distinguishing you from the competition.

We have also introduced deck ovens with steam injection allowing you to produce soft,golden brown bread and bread related products such as buns,rolls,scones and pastries. Click here to check video

innovation to curb high cost of diesel in small rotary ovens

Due to recent increase in diesel prices in Kenya, we have just launched an efficient electric  fan driven convection oven with 5,10,12 trays. The 12 tray has a trolley allowing you to load and offload your baked products with ease.This oven can produce unto 160 loaves 400 grams Kenyan standard loaf with only consumption of 5 units per hour(kes 125.00) making it the most efficient oven for baking in Kenya today on a mid-level scale( 1000-2000 loaves daily).Click here to view video

Please note this convection oven is more efficient and will cost less per loaf to bake as opposed to a small diesel powered rotary oven. However for bigger rotary ovens the efficiency is as good as that for a convection oven, but the advantage is that it give you the big quantity production as  opposed to a convection oven

Commercial baking in kenya

If you are in commercial baking more than 5000 loaves you need to consider our Diesel powered rotary oven series from 240 loaves per hour,330 loaves per hour,480 loaves per hour and 660 loaves per hour . These ovens will give you efficiency in commercial scale production of up to 100,000 loaves of bread , cake, cookies production with best baking efficiency of less than kes 1.00 per loaf.

Introducing baking in schools and learning institutions across Kenya

In response to increasing number of students every year in Kenyan schools, we are in the process of rolling out a strategy for empowering schools and institutions  across Kenya to open up affordable, functional bakeries that will produce bread and confectionery for own consumption and selling within their environs, therefore improving their bottom line.We have just Launched a campaign dubbed baking in schools :click here to see video also attached school bakery packages

For seasoned bakers, we have been offering our complete automatic line of Volumetric Dough Divider, Conical Rounder, Dough Moulder and Intermediate Proofer which enhances efficiency, improves production and reduces the cost of labour. This unit has capacity to process over 48,000 loaves a day. Click here to see video


To create an efficient, reliable and trustworthy relationship with our clients.


To be recognized as a leading solution provider in the Bakery Industry.

Strategic Objective

Our objective is to be a one-stop shop when it comes to bakery solutions

Core Values

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Our Business

  • To be a socially responsible company and to do business in an ethically correct manner
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  • To become an equal opportunity employer
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