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 5 Repair Tips for Cake Display Counters in Kenya

5 Maintenance tips for your cake display counters.

Are you running a cake bakery business in Kenya and have a cake display showcase to maintain freshness and flavor in your cakes?

As we know the temperature of your cake display chiller should be between 5°c-8°c. But you wake up one morning Alas! You find your cake display temperature reading 18°c and that nice chocolate topping and cream all melted!!!

How scary can this be? But you need to consider the following 5 possible reasons why this is happening:

  1. Gas depletion
Refrigeration Flowchart
The refrigeration cycle.

For cooling to occur high pressure gas is compressed in the compressor and flows through pipes to the condenser where cooling takes place before being circulated throughout the chiller through fans and through ventilation outlets.

So when the levels of this gas decrease you will notice the compressor temperatures rising (become hot) and the overall chilling effect is not achieved. At this point you realize your chiller is not cooling instead it’s getting warmer.

Simple hack: Have your gas refilled by a qualified technician and have a regular refilling schedule in place showing the last time it was refilled and when is the next refill.

Prevention is always better than cure!!!!!

2. Blockage of gas pipes

The Bakewave Cake Display Gas Pipes.
The Bakewave Cake Display Gas Pipes.

This will instantly impede gas flow and will stop your chiller from working making it warmer instead of cooler.

Simple hack: Have a qualified technician work to unblock the pipes to restore gas flow.

3. Condenser clouded in dust and debris

The condenser front section with the grill.
The condenser front section with the grill.
The condenser back section with the fan.
The condenser back section with the fan.

This impedes cooling significantly as it blocks air inlets and reduces efficiency of the condenser

Simple hack: Use a blower to clean off dust and remove debris.

Maintain a regular maintenance schedule of blowing all components ( condenser, compressor) at least every 2 months.

4. Blockage of ventilation levers by display trays or the cakes themselves.

The Bakewave Cake Display ventilation louvers.
The Bakewave Cake Display ventilation louvers.

This prevents cold air from the condenser from reaching into the internal space of the cake display showcase when your product is displayed.

Simple hack : Ensure ventilation levers are kept clean and open always ( no blocking)


5.Keeping your display directly exposed to sunlight.

This elevates the temperatures of your display and overworks your compressor and condenser leading to rapid gas depletion and therefore warming up of your chiller.

Simple hack: Keep your cake display counter in a cool dry place.

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