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Single Deck Oven Price in Kenya: Very Low Consumption

Are you planning to start a bakery business in Kenya or upgrade your bakery from home baking to commercial baking?

Our NEW improved Bakewave single deck oven is your best solution because of its additional features to ensure LOW POWER CONSUMPTION significantly:

Which features are these?

See below:

1. Weight 85kg

Why a single deck oven is this heavy?

It is because of the amount of stone wool used for insulation that works to trap heat lost to the surroundings and hence preventing more heat consumption.

This ensures also the working environment is conducive and prevents overheating which has adverse effects on a baker’s health.

2.Light bulb+ glass + timer

Allows you to check the progress of the baking products without opening the door.

Do you know that you can lose up to 20-50% heat depending on how long and often your door is open during baking?

This means that your power consumption increases by 20 – 50%.

3. Ergonomic handle

What most bakers do not know is that an insulated handle:
i. Loses less heat to the surroundings and therefore to the environment.
ii. Cannot burn your hands (avoids serious injuries).

Honestly bakers, all these features in an oven! Certainly, this cannot be the cheapest oven in the market but in one year you will save between KSH 30,000 – 50,000 using such heavy insulated energy efficient single deck oven as opposed to a light one (less insulated).

The deck oven ergonomic handle – an insulated handle lowering energy loss & therefore consumption of power

The Ergonomic handle
The Two deck oven ergonomic handle - an insulated handle lowering energy loss & therefore consumption of power.

Other features:

  1. Machine size 1220mm*820*575mm
  2. Chambers size 860mm*640*215mm.
  3. Single-phase option 6.6kw
  4. High-quality stainless-steel interior + extensions
  5. Heat insulated + ergonomic door handle
  6. Efficient + stable heating pipes, durable to last for a long time
  7. 2 pieces of free trays each 600mm*400mm.
  8. 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Bakewave also stocks all parts example thermocouple, and temperature monitors.

The Temperature Control
The Temperature Control
The Thermocouple
The Thermocouple

In a place like China, for the single deck oven, there are probably more than 10 classes of quality, which is why we as Bakewave are getting you the best. So please bakers before you rush to make decisions based on price please check the standards and especially energy-saving features of the oven before making a decision because what is cheap now could end up costing you more in your baking journey.

Our current prices for the single deck oven this season is kes 65,000ksh +VAT, the bigger 2 deck 4 tray is 125,000ksh + VAT and the larger 3 deck 6 tray version is 160,000ksh + VAT. Comment below to own one today!

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