Best Offer on Baking Equipment

Bakewave is giving you an opportunity to upgrade your existing bakery or start a profitable bakery business by giving you the best deals on bakery equipment. If you are thinking of starting or upgrading your bakery business in Kenya, our bakery packages below with various production capacity for bread, cakes, cookies, buns, and rolls will be an important component of your bakery business plan.

We have over 10 different packages .

Entry level bakery packages:

Each package has a particular size of commercial baking oven starting from single deck oven 2 trays which forms the entry level in baking , double deck oven 4 trays,3 deck 6 trays complete with their dough mixer,Bread molding tables, cooling rack for baking, bread cooling racks, cake cooling racks, baking tins,dough mixers, cake mixers and commercial baking sinks with worktop. This covers from 500-1000 loaves or packets of cake.

Mid-level bakery packages

From package 4-6 this is considered middle-level baking because you will produce from 1500-2500 loaves in 10 hours. It also includes  9 tray 3 deck commercial deck oven,12 tray convection oven and the 16 tray convection oven complete with all their matching set of assistant equipment.

Large scale commercial bread baking in kenya

This covers from 2500 loaves or cake packets to 6,600 loaves or packets in 10 hours. It covers packages 7, 8 and 9 and includes energy efficient diesel powered rotary ovens. The matching dough  mixers are heavy commercial from flour  50kg dough mixer price to 250kg commercial dough mixer


Due to impact of Covid-19 on the economy, we have come up with different packages to give you an entry position in the baking industry. With Kenyan population increasing by over 1 million people per year, coupled with urbanization the demand for bread has never been higher.

Are you starting your bakery or upgrading? Click your preference below to see our bakery equipment list and prices in Kenya