• bread-slicing-machine-automatic-pocketPlanetary Dough Mixer

    Full automatic bread slicing machine is a perfectly designed machine for high scale bakeries, kitchens, restaurants, hotels, and military units.

    It does not deform the shape of the bread since there is no pressure and pushing effort.

  • Bake Wave Ltd Bread Slicer

    Provides quick and symmetric bread slicing for the companies which are bread consumption and production. Easy to use and slices the bread without flattening and breaking into pieces through the arrangement lever.


    The oven is particularly suitable for baking of baking pastry products, gastronomy products and big or small bread. It is useful for confectioners, restaurants and hotels.


    The major feature of the Porlanmaz Rotary Rack Oven is the equal heat distribution; operate at high production and regular circulation. It’s provided by well-designed heat exchangers. This ensures more uniform baking with lower energy consumption. Burning chamber is made of heat resistive (more than 1000 centigrade degree) special stainless steel.

    High level steam is produced and each of the pans is adequately provided with the steam. Halogen lamps are mounted the on the door for excellent illumination. The steam is prevented to be dispersed in the workshop thanks to the hood and aspirator over the oven.

    Baking chamber, all outside hoods and chimney hood are fully made of stainless steel.  The main specification of the oven is the burner is located in the front side.

  • Planetary MixerPlanetary Dough Mixer

    Planetary mixers are specifically designed for bakeries, patisseries, hotels and large kitchens. They are simple and safe to use. Mixing and beating machines are developed for the users who have extra ordinarily high quality requirements for the production of various masses want to work in an extremely economical manner.

    New advanced design made is ideal for mixing every type of dough as well as for mixing eggs, cream, mayonnaise and other similar food products.

    – Bowls and tools are made of stainless steel
    – Heavy duty body construction
    – Safety guard stainless steel

    On request:

    1. Automatic bowl lifting system
    2. Electronic speed control
  • Spiral Dough MixerPlanetary Dough Mixer

    Spiral kneading machines are commonly preferred by bakery and pastry shops in order to shorten the usual kneading time. It enables to make very little flour to dough. This also provides more homogenate dough mixture and bigger volume bread.

    The machine works in manual and automatic cycle with two programmable timers. The bowl, spiral arm and bar are made of stainless steel. Also capable of reverse bowl rotation. The mixer is mobile and there is a fixing device on the mixer.

    The emergency stop function and the security system on the cover are available. It can be moved easily thanks to its wheels.