The Kajiado Baking Project


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Kajiado Baking Project on January 18th 2019

We know how equipment is a key to the operation of any business, and understand how a malfunctioning piece of equipment can adversely affect the business. You need a partner, not just a parts supplier or simple repair service. Someone who has the expertise and knowledge to help you determine the problem, deal with the manufacturer, and get your equipment working as soon as possible. Bake Wave provides Bakery equipment installation to a full range of dough processing equipment, oven group, voltage stabilizers , and ovens.
Whether it is an oven, mixer, sheeter, or another piece of equipment it is important that the equipment is installed properly. Most baking service equipment is heavy, large, and intricate.
Our experienced technicians will make sure that your equipment is installed properly according to the manufacturer’s specifications, to ensure safe and proper operation.


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